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I put a few essential oils in it and ran it on the six-hour setting, and it just fills your room with whatever scent your essential oils have. 19. Or for a quicker fix, spritz some lavender linen and room spray to take things to the next level of chill.

Things to avoid doing at a hotel can often vary, but there is one item that all travellers should take with them. Holidaymakers should always pack one in their suitcase and put it under their hotel door when they are away from home. This can then stop people from entering the room in the case of a burglary

Why add on when you can add under or over? Give your home bonus rooms without drastically changing its footprint. Davis even managed to fit in a full bath, a laundry area, a food pantry, and a home-office space. The rustic-looking family room is now a gathering spot for their daughter and her

But i just want some cute little things to put in my room for like when friends come over, we can hang in my room all day! What celebrates do you like, you can put in posters and pictures all over your room. If your aloud ask your mom to buy you some new bedding for a cool change, make it match

to put a large number of things on top of each other. to put things into a sensible order or into a system in which all parts work well together.

Wondering what to put in your DIY Christmas crackers? From cute trinkets to tiny gifts; this year skip the paper hats and lame jokes and instead From tiny eyeshadow palettes to lip-glosses and purse-sized perfumes, these are just the right size to fit in a cracker and something that will not go to waste.