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Sunken living rooms continue to be popular along with the popularity of open house concept. You'll love these amazing sunken living room ideas! A few of these sunken living-rooms have an extremely retro ambiance, whereas others would be right in your home in the most modern home.

This pristine, petite living room has plenty of natural light, too, which is perfect for a variety of potted plants that add to the overall outdoorsy feel. It's a design that's conducive to modern living, but one that can be hard to decorate. A simple solution is to demarcate a small space with an area rug.

In the living room of a Manhattan apartment designed by Jamie Drake and Caleb Anderson of Drake/Anderson, the sectional sofas by Avenue Road are In the living room of designer of textiles and interiors Kathryn M. Ireland's compound in Santa Monica, the custom sofa is in a linen velvet from

Here's a collection of beautiful living room design ideas, which are not limited to any particular theme, but includes all types decors from modern to traditional styles. For a great looking living room you have to lay a lot of emphasis on the flooring .The floor and the walls hold the focal point of your attention.

Want to get your living room design right first time? Knowing how to design a living room can be a challenge if you're starting with an empty room So the first step of learning how to design a living room is the layout. It might be that you have a small living room with little flexibility for furniture

Living room design ideas, inspiration, and decor from around the globe for your modern home. If you've ever wondered how to make the most of your living room storage, you're not alone. Nearly every homeowner is on the hunt for ways to keep their most-used room functional while still keeping it