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10 X 13 Living Room Layout Oh Style!

A living room is one of the most used and multi-functional rooms in a home and, as such, should reflect the needs of its users. But how does that inform the way it's arranged? Living room furniture arrangements can be as varied as the requirements of the space.

The perfect living room layout is one that suits the way that you live, whether you want an area for entertaining, a quiet and isolated room to withdraw to, or a multi-functional space Here's how to get your living room layout spot on If you need any more living room ideas check out our gallery too.

Layouts for your living room shape. Small: A room is considered small if any dimension is less then 3m, says DIY guru Jo Behari. 'To create an airy feeling, you need to use the space you have efficiently, and definitely go for lighter colours,' she advises.

But what about large living spaces? If you have too much room, configuring a layout can be challenging. Here, designers share their go-to tips for making the most of your Ahead, five big rooms that master every inch— plus tips for pulling off a similar arrangement in your own roomy abode.

Layout idea #1 puts emphasis on a comfortable main living area with lots of small-space seating. The layout creates a lounge-y vibe inside the narrow living room and encourages conversation as well as TV watching. The design features lots of versatile pieces and can easily be rearranged for different

See these 38 ideas to take your living room furniture layout to the next level. Any designer will confirm that seating can be very specific to the interior you're designing for, but there's no doubt that settling for a mix of sofas and chairs and experimenting with placement can create a polished layout.